PDC Energy Investigation, Inspection & Violations By ODNR and EPA

May 2014 :  Blowout and wellhead failure ( seal ring or possibly cracked wellhead may be the cause of failure) … oil spill from a wet gas drilling platform which has discharged into Cow Run Creek . The incident occurred on May 4 at 15:09 EST (not reported to NRC till 21:27) at 1244 Center Bend Road (Beverly, Ohio). Cow Run Creek leads to Olive Creek which leads to the Muskingum River. The responsible party PDC Energy reported a loss of well control during horizontal drilling operations that resulted in a release of oil based drilling mud and wet gas. The site was shut down and personnel were evacuated due to a release of natural gas. Read More on their history in Ohio: EPA Report on Oil Spill IMG_20140511_160005

Company History – Public Record Reports From the ODNR to Date

ODNR Inspections_07_14_14

ODNR Violations_07_14_14


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