Get to know your state House and Senate legislators. It is these legislators at the STATE level who are able to amend the oil and gas laws for Ohio.  View district maps

*ALERT* In March 2012, Govenor Kasich created an emergency order to amend our law outside of the legislative process to remove local control / zoning for building and regulation of massive natural gas and gas liquids plants (fractionation).  Read the Order 


HB 42 & SB 17: Fracking Emergency Medical Right to Know Act

October 2012. Senator Mike Skindell and Representative Bob Hagan introduced companion bills into the 129th Ohio General Assembly. In February 2013, they reintroduced the bills into the 130th General Assembly. They are joined by the following co-sponsors: Senators Tom Sawyer, Eric Kearney, Nina Turner, Charletta Tavares, Edna Brown, Shirley Smith and Lou Gentile and Representatives Mike Foley, John Patterson, Barbara Boyd, Teresa Fedor, Nickie Antonio, Dan Ramos, Denise Driehaus, Dale  Mallory, John Rogers and Zack Milkovich.

Read all about it at Ohio Citizen Action

 HB 537: Local Government Authority To Regulate Oil and Gas    Representative Hagan, R.   Cosponsors: Lundy, Foley, Fende, Antonio, Fedor, Yuko, Goyal

 HB 537 would give political subdivisions (i.e. local governments) authority to enact their own regulations on oil and gas operations as was the case in Ohio prior to 2004.  The bill also increases setbacks to 1000 feet.

The existing law, R.C. 1509.02, gives “sole authority” for oil and gas regulation to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (“ODNR”), which prevents local governments from creating their own regulations. 


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2. Notify your local and state officials that you would like to see them support the restoration of local control & other improvements by sharing the talking points:             Six Steps to PublicSafety

  • 2012 Legislation

Governor Kasich’s Energy Bill was introduced via Senate Bill 315 in March 2012. It passed the Senate and House in May 2012.  Read relevent sections on unconventional drilling, water, pipelines and compressor and related production facilities (1509, 4905, 4906) and see how they voted under VOTES:


View testimony delivered to committees on SB 315.  To read about bills passed and testimony delivered prior to 2011 please review our HISTORY tab.


2010 Campaign Donations to Ohio lawmakers from Oil & Gas