Pipelines, Plants & Other Infrastructure

Natural Gas Infrastructure & Who Regulates What?

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If you are considering allowing a pipeline easement, it is important to read and understand the entire footprint. These may affect your property directly or indirectly via noise and air impacts as facilities are continually built along the pipelines. Do NOT assume your community is allowed to decide via zoning or local input if/where massive facilities will be built as this is rarely the case.  One recent example in this Landowner Regrets Pipeline Easement report.

The Proof is in the Permit: How to Make Sure a Facility in Your Community Gets an Effective Title V Air Pollution Permit – Did you know that large industrial facilities must obtain government-approved permits both before they are built and when they begin to operate? These permits protect our health by telling the facility how much it must cut back its polluting emissions, what kinds of air pollution control technology it must use, and what kinds of monitoring and record-keeping it will use to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to. These permits are the “guidebooks” used by the facility, regulators, and the public, to ensure that our Clean Air laws are being followed.

Information on facilities associated with interstate pipelines (those from or to states in addition to Ohio) : An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? Get involved in the decision making process: Take Action with FERC