Ohio Frac Sand Mining

Sand from Chardon, Ohio used for Hydraulic Fracturing

“You said that the oil and gas industry is now your biggest market. Where is that market?Primarily in U.S. shale areas. But we also supply Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Malaysia. And we supply the North Sea. We are the supplier for the North Sea, from Norway to Great Britain. ”  Read More: Interview

Frac Sand HaulingTours of the Plant

Read What Can I Do To Protect My Family (OSHA) on risks of crystalline silica inhalation before touring facilities.

Excerpt from 2012 tours: “Best Sand’s public outreach has helped the community better understand mineral production, environmental controls and uses in society,” said Gregory E. Conrad, IMCC’s Executive Director. “The facility’s outreach represents the educational commitment we encourage in the mining industry.”

Best Sand mining family members have made public outreach and education a priority in their day-to-day operations: 1,600 members of the community attended its Party in the Pit mine open house and zero-waste event; 65 fifth graders from Grant Elementary in Willoughby, Ohio toured the mine and learned about sand mining;” More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fairmount-minerals-best-sand-mining-135000745.html

Green Energy Tour Info 

Solar panels installed across the street from the plant- at the offices.

Solar panels installed across the street from the plant- at the offices.