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We understand your time is valuable. We are all ordinary citizen volunteers ourselves. Please select the level(s) of involvement that are right for you:

  • If you have only have a couple minutes.
In Ohio, due to the passage of HB 278 in 2004, local officials have no authority over most oil and gas activities and can only make suggestions to the state.  Click to send a letter asking state and/or federal lawmakers to fight for your rights.
  • If you have free time once a month or so.
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  • If your schedule is somewhat flexible and you want to be involved in projects & planning.

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  • If your schedule is pretty open and you want to change the way government works above and beyond ‘fracking’ issues. 

See our LINKS tab to locate citizen groups which focus on CELDF-Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund initiatives: “We live under a system of law and governance that subordinates community and nature’s rights to corporate “rights” and state preemption. And it’s no accident. Our constitution intentionally places the rights of property and commerce over the rights of people, communities, and nature. Decisions about ecosystems—soil, water, the minerals beneath us, even the air we breathe—are largely in the hands of corporations instead of community members who are directly impacted.”  Contact:  Tish O’Dell, Ohio Organizer: