Beck Energy Corp Lawsuit, Violations & History by ODNR and EPA

As of 2013, Beck is the only energy company in the state listed by ODNR with a final Non-appealable Order for Material & Substantial Violation:  ODNR Order

Their experience includes over 50 violations including those of dumping and pollution as recorded by the ODNR  and EPA over the years.

Despite this Beck obtained a permit from the ODNR to drill a gas well 400 feet from the bank of the Cuyahoga River and through the Cuyahoga Falls aquifer in Munroe Falls, Summit County, Ohio. The aquifer serves 60,000 residents in two cities.

Generally speaking, the ODNR Division of Oil & Gas has stated on the record that in over 20 years, they have denied only 2 permits for environmental reasons. They are required by law to issue permits to encourage exploration.  Their expertise and consideration in issuing permits is limited to geology. Alternatively, the task of providing for basic citizen health & safety and quality of life measures falls on the localities via zoning as was detailed in the Oil & Gas Regulatory Reveiw as commissioned by the Governor via Order 86-35. They found among other things that the ODNR was not issuing violations consistently across the state for the same offenses.

The State ex rel. Morrison v. Beck Energy Corp., 2013-Ohio-356 (Ninth Dist.), is a lawsuit by Munroe Falls against Beck Energy Corp. When Beck began drilling in 2011, the City issued a stop work order and filed a lawsuit. The City claimed that Beck’s activities were illegal because Beck did not comply with City ordinances that required Beck  to post a performance bond, attend a public hearing and secure planning commission approval.

Follow the case through the Supreme Court 

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