Gulfport Energy Corporation Inspections by ODNR

As of June 2013, Gulfport has no violations documented in Ohio. The following are excerpts of some of the findings on Gulport sites, to read more click: GulfPort_Inspections_06_14_13. :

  • Boy Scout Camp gas wells issues and problems noted – Rig was drilling before all safety measures were installed  – Oil spill and contaminated rock removed from site  – BOP test failed  – Spacing of wells ‘very close’
  • Drilling operations in Harrison and Belmont counties encountered hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as high as 100 ppm
  • “Received a call from Gulfport to advise me of a spill which occurred. I was advised that 25 to 30 barrels of { gelled fluid} mixed with frac sand and water has been spilled inside the 150 ft X 150 ft. contained area around the well. There was also an injury which sent one of the pumping crew to the Barnsville hospital.”
  • ” A drip tank used to blow drip gas from the separator dump and the drip from the vapor recovery system had been on fire. When I arrived I found that the fire had been put out by the Cadiz Fire Department. The drip tank is used to blow moisture from the separator after it dumps into the production tanks and from the vapor recovery system. During that blow down process a cloud of vapor formed and traveled 25 to 30 ft. and was ignited by a compressor operating the vapor recovery system. The cloud of vapor burned back to the 50 barrel tank and it ignited. The fire burned above the tank and the tank did not rupture. There were no spills or leaks so no clean up was needed. Nobody was injured during the fire.”
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